Funk Away Odor Eliminating Spray (8 oz.) For Shoes, Clothes and Gear (non-aerosol)


  • Odor eliminating spray for shoes, clothes, gear and more
  • The Pump Spray is 8 oz. of extreme odor protection in a non-aerosol spray
  • Perfect for athletes, parents of athletes, gym rats and workers that sweat for a living. For use on all types of gear to get rid of the funk
  • Formulated with the unique OM Complex to eliminate odors - not mask them


Funk Away is a powerful odor eliminating spray for shoes, clothes and gear that don't typically get laundered, or that can't be washed right away. Funk Away utilizes a unique compound called OM Complex that devours and encapsulates the odor, eliminating it for good. While other products cover up odor, FunkAway truly eliminates it! It can be used on a variety of items from shoes and boots, to athletic gear, to work clothes and more. Odor in work boots, hockey gloves and pads, football cleats, basketball shoes are all eliminated completely.

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