Fresh FX Car Air Freshener Vent Clip by Armor All, Car Odor Eliminator for Cars & Truck, Simply Fresh, 4-Pack


  • DESTROYS ODOR: Armor All vent clip air freshener can gently cleans away trapped car odors via your car’s air flow and gives you a fresh scent that you will love.
  • ENHANCES EVERY RIDE: These Fresh X vent clips enhance your ride with freshness that cleans away odor and can keep your car smelling fresh while you travel.
  • EASY TO ACTIVATE AND INSTALL: It can easily be attached to your car vent and flip up until you hear a click to activate your chosen scent that you will enjoy!
  • FRESH SCENT UP TO 30 DAYS: This vent clips destroy car odors and slowly delivers a light fresh scent for up to 30 days.
  • DIFFERENT FRAGRANCE TO CHOOSE FROM: Armor All FRESH fx car air fresheners is developed with advanced Odor Elimination Technology with different scents for you to enjoy.


FRESH fx car air fresheners developed with advanced Odor Elimination Technology, you can choose your favorite fragrance and destroy tough odors like food, pet, and smoke. Vent Clips are easy to use and last up to 30 days. Just attach one to your air vent and get ready to smell the transformation inside your car.

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