Enviroscents Auto Sticks Natural Car Air Fresheners, 1-Pack with 2 Sticks (Mahogany Wood)


  • Made of all-natural, biodegradable and recyclable paper infused with pure fragrance
  • Hang from mirror and enjoy vivid, pure fragrance
  • Just the right amount of scent for your car, RV, truck or boat
  • Each diffuser delivers up to 30 days of pure fragrance
  • 1-Pack with 2x Enviroscent AutoSticks in the Mahogany Wood Scent


A solvent-free air freshener combining pure fragrance oil, paper and other natural materials with just the right amount of scent for your car, RV, truck or boat.

Thread the included elastic loop through the pre-scored end of the diffuser, hang from your rear-view mirror and enjoy vivid, pure fragrance. Use one diffuser for moderate fragrance, add additional sticks for a more intense fragrance experience.

Mahogany Wood Luxurious notes of brushed Italian leather are softened and nuanced with a sheer white spice accord. Hints of green construct this beautifully clean and deliciously woody masculine fragrance.

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