Emsco Bigfoot 60 in. Deluxe Telescoping Swivel Head Car Snow Brush and Ice Scraper w/Comfort Grips


  • Heavy duty combination ice scraper snow brush with foam comfort grips and pivoting brush head
  • Length can be adjusted for easy car storage
  • Long reach can clear snow on far side of windshield or car roof
  • Pivoting snowbrush head allows to either push or swipe snow off surfaces


This Bigfoot snowbrush and ice scraper is the perfect combination snow tool to keep in your car all winter. The scraper features two foam comfort grips with a heavy duty ice scraper head. After scraping away ice, be sure to brush away the snow using the built in snow brush. The brush can telescope out to a total length of 60 in. so that you can clear snow on the on the far side of your windshield with ease.

The snowbrush head can pivot and lock at 90 degrees so that you can push and pull snow off of the roof of your car. The swivel head can also be adjusted so that is parallel with the handle for easy storage.

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