Cruiser Acc. License Plate Locking Fasteners Stainless Metric Rattle Stop Screws 6mm/20mm (Set of 4)


  • The Rattle Stop fasteners securely attach the license plate and frame together on the two (2) lower fastener holes to prevent rattling
  • A set of four (4) metric, 6mm by 20mm stainless steel fasteners to attach a novelty/license plate, shield and/or frame to a vehicle
  • The locking Star Pin fasteners are designed to deter removal of a license plate
  • Includes: a unique Star Pin key for installation, four (4) plastic washers and two (2) metal washers
  • Metric fasteners are designed to be used with import vehicles and fit all novelty/license plates


The locking stainless star pin fasteners are uniquely designed to deter the removal of any license plate frame from your vehicle. The combination of the pin in the center with the special star pin key makes it impossible to remove the screws with a typical allen wrench. Keep key for future use. These fasteners are made of stainless steel

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