CLT Car Headlight Restoration Kit, Headlight Restorer Wipes (6)


  • Restore and clean your Foggy, Hazy, Yellow Headlight
  • 3 Easy Steps - 1. Clean / 2. Dry / 3.Coat, and under 2 minutes
  • No tools or additional products needed, just the wipes
  • Package includes: 2 wipes for cleaning, one for each headlight. and 1 wipe for finishing and coating the UV protection layer, for both headlights
  • 6 x packs of the Clear Light Tech Headlight Restoration Kit


Car Headlight Restoration Kit, Restore your headlights in 3 Easy Steps and Under 2 Minutes

Are your headlights hazy? they used to be nice and bright but now they are oxidized and foggy?
It's not a lost cause they can be cleaned easily with the Clear Light Tech Headlight Restoration Kit

With the Clear Light Tech Headlight Restoration Kit you are literally restoring your headlight to that nice bright finish that you want.
And the best part is that all you do is wipe, you don't need to use any muscle or sanding, you don't need to hire a professional and spend a large amount.
Just take out the easy to use wipe from packet #1 (2 included, for left and right) and start rubbing it on your headlight, then wipe it with a paper towel or cloth till its completely dry.
After it's dry open packet #2 with the protective layer (only 1 included for, use the same for both headlights) and wipe the headlight for a long lasting UV protection, It's important to allow this layer to dry for 30 minutes.

Remember how important for your safety is to have bright and clear headlights, the more clear your headlight is the more you can see in the distance.
Also if you are trying to sell your car, having your headlights bright and clear will help you get more for your car.

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