CareTain Shower Curtain w/ Window Opening to Reduce Splashes While Bathing Kids or Pets


  • Reduces splashing, less slippery floors
  • Provides better supervision on kids and elderly
  • 2 Sets of plastic hooks are included
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Dimensions: Larger sheet (Plain Light Blue design) - 70.8 x 70.8 inches, Smaller sheet (Flower design) - 70.8 x 47.25 inches


CareTain an easy to install shower curtain comprises of 2 sheets. External sheet with wide opening allowing full accessibility and visibility of the bathing subject. Internal sheet allows to close the opening, enabling better splashing prevention.

This shower curtain is designed to reduce splashing from going over the curtain keeping you dry while bathing the kids or pets. The shower curtain window helps you have visibility on your kids in the bathtub even if you are a little far, also keeps you calm knowing that the floors are dry and safe.

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