California Scents Under the Seat Power Bloc Air Freshener & Odor Eliminator Pouch Coronado Cherry


  • Super Strength Air Freshening
  • Packaged In Sleek Easy to Open Pouches
  • Each Power Bloc Provides Air Freshening Power for Up to 45 Days
  • Just Open and Throw the Pouch Containing the Power Bloc Under Your Car Seat
  • Convenient Air Freshening Power In Your Car Use Power Bloc!


Packaged in sleek, easy to open pouches, each Power Bloc provides air freshening power for up to 45 days. Just tear open the brightly colored package and throw the pouch containing the Power Bloc underneath any car seat. For convenient air freshening power in your car, use California Scents’ Power Bloc!

Cherry fragrances are inspired from freshly hand picked orchards cherries and sweet enticing garden scents with natural fragrance oils

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