California Scents Non-Aerosol Spray Car & Home Odor Eliminating Mist Air Freshener 4Oz Spring Meadow


  • Efficient spray system delivers a fine mist to evenly distribute the fragrance for better circulation and wider coverage
  • Recyclable aluminum bottles and non aerosol pump sprays which do not contain ozone layer destroying fluorocarbons
  • Organic fragrance oils freshen the air and leave behind a fresh scent clean linen
  • Premium air freshener with over 1,200 sprays per bottle
  • Made with an environmentally friendly formula


A non-aerosol air freshener for instant freshening, Odor Eliminating Mists are specially formulated air fresheners that produce long-lasting results and provide a pleasant fragrance, wherever used. Available in a variety of pleasant scents. Add your personal touch to any area.Use at home, in the office or in the car

Spring Meadow is a mountain inspired delicate balance of fresh green and windy scents with natural fragrance oils

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