Majic Gel Car Perfume Auto, Home and Office Air Freshener, Forest Fruits


  • Long lasting Gel (About 60 days)
  • Comes inside a Elegant Glass jar
  • Fits nicely in cup holders, or anywhere in your House or Office
  • Can be used in cars, home & offices
  • Forest Fruits Scent


The air freshener based on the unique gel formula which proves great for high and low temperatures, guarantees stable level of the scent to the very end of the product. It neutralizes the unpleasant odors and creates the fresh atmosphere in your car, home or a workplace. The Selected aromas are created from the natural oils that miraculously refresh the interior, removing the unpleasant odors.

Forest fruits are various types of berries growing in the woods. Their taste is typically very sweet and tangy and it reminds of wilderness, nature and summer. Various fruits of the forest such as blackberries, and sloes, create an extravagant Aromatic feel in your car.

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