Armor All Microfiber Multi-Purpose Towels (48 count)


  • Super soft microfiber cleaning cloth to safely clean surfaces – wedges dirt and moisture between fibers to provide lint and streak-free results that are safe on hard vehicle surfaces like paints and clear coats
  • This microfiber towel value pack of cleaning cloths with microfibers have nearly unlimited uses, from cleaning off the stove top in the home or detailing your vehicle to get a professional shine and more
  • When dry, microfiber towels use static electricity to pick up fine particles and clean delicate surfaces without chemicals! When damp, the towels can clean off more stubborn marks on a variety of surfaces
  • Unlike other towels that aren't made to withstand machine washing and drying, wash these towels as you see fit, you can even stop wasting money on disposable paper towels!
  • 48 microfiber towels come in three different colors (8 orange, 8 blue, 8 yellow) and are made from a blend of 80% Polyester & 20% Polyamide by the trusted Armor All brand


This Armor All Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 48 Pack features 8 orange, 8 blue, and 8 yellow super soft microfiber towels built for all your auto care and home needs. These towels are built to last with highly absorbent microfibers that can be used wet or dry on a variety of surfaces. These premium 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide microfibers safely clean surfaces by wedging dirt and moisture in between fibers – unlike conventional fibers that just push dirt and moisture around. This helps provide a lint free and streak-free shine. These microfiber towels are also gentle enough to be used on more delicate vehicle interior surfaces like dashboards and leather seats. Save money over conventional paper towels by using our durable and machine washable towels. Whether you need a cleaning cloth for multipurpose cleaning or a microfiber towel to deliver a showroom shine, choose this Armor All Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 24 Pack. Our complete range of high-quality car care products is specially designed to make it faster and easier for you to keep your car looking in showroom condition - both inside and out.

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