Areon Ken 1.23 oz. Canister Car Air Freshener in a Can, Lemon


  • Spill and leak proof can for your car, office or home
  • Organic fiber pads inside soaked with quality fragrances
  • Comes with a lid that can be opened or closed, adjusting the strength of the scent
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • 1 x 1.23 ounce (35g) canister in the Lemon fragrance


Areon Ken is the perfect travel mate in your car. You already love it, because it is your little smelly companion “behind the curtains”. It gives you the relaxing feel and brings in harmony your senses. Hide it under the chair of your car or let its joyable design be part of your love to this product. Of course you can use this air freshener of perfumed wooden sticks in can at your home or office and it will give the pleasure you expect.

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