Allison Smoke Free Car Ashtray Helps Remove Odors Fits in Most Cup Holders FireProof Removable Lid


  • Fits all Cup Holders
  • Made of Great quality fireproof ABS plastic
  • Has Larger storage capacity
  • Comes with a Removable Lid to Empty Contents
  • No Need to Dock Out Cigarettes Just Drop Them in and Trap the Smoke Inside


Bring an end to stale, smokey odors in your car, truck or Suv . Designed to fit into most cup holders, this smoke free ashtray eliminates the need to stub out cigarettes or toss them out the window. Simply drop your cigarettes into the cup and the smoke is trapped inside, leaving your vehicle smelling like you never even lit a cigarette. When you are ready, remove the lid to easily empty contents. specially is an great idea when you are traveling with non-smokers.

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