GOSO Car Ionic Air Purifier Freshener w/TVOC sensor Keeps your Vehicle Free of Smoke Odor & Bacteria


  • Keeps your car Fresh Clean and smelling good
  • Easy installation and operation, no need of replacing filters
  • TVOC sensor to monitor air quality status and use three-color light to show air quality status for better user experience
  • Capture 99% of allergens including pet dander, dust mites, pollen, formaldehyde PM2.5, smoke, bacteria and more
  • Measures: 8 inch wide x 2 inch high x 6.5 inch long


Car Air Purifier with TVOC sensor that monitors air quality status
With the GOSO Car Air Purifier you can stop worrying about the dirty air inside the car, based on research the car's PM2.5 is 5 times more than indoor because of the narrow space. The car's HCHO and air pollution is 10 times more than indoor.
The GOSO Car Air Deodorizer and Purifier will eliminate smoke, dust, PM2.5 and other micro particles fast and effectively due to low wind drag and ultra-high concentration of negative ions.

Power supply: DC 12V
Power: 6W
Applicable space: up to 175 Square Foot
Noise:≤50dB (A)
Negative Ions concentration: >1.2millions pcs/Square inch
PM2.5 removal rate: 97.88%

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